May 01, 2008

GnR - Chinese Democracy

added this to my library May of last year. sorry if the tags are all fucked up. there are probably many versions of this floating around.

Axl, man, I know you'll never read this. but I would have paid for this shit. how many more millions are you gonna need to finish this? pull the fuckin' trigger on it already. put an album out. tour behind it. set up a tour. don't cancel any dates. you'll be on top again. go for it. fuck, dood.

Chinese Democracy


Dachmo said...

I think I heard that he had handed it over, just recently too.

reverend atman said...

that would totally blow my mind. and, no disrespect brother, but that also sounds like one of them rumor thingies.

but I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed.

ironeater said...

thanks for the download!

gotta agree with you there, it's time for Axl to shit or get off the pot.