May 02, 2008

just had this crazy ass dream..

I was living in some condos, where I dunno, maybe utah, and I got lost and this old guy said he'd lead me back to where I lived, only he leads me to security because he thought the crease in my jacket was a sword and he thought I was a terrorist. so I get searched by these military guys and they find nothing wrong. so we end up back at my house so I can prove to these military guys that I live there, and I totally satisfy their interest. and this same old guy comes into my yard. I tell him to get the fuck out of my yard that he wasn't welcome there, and he refuses, acts like he has a right to be there. so I bodily remove him from my yard. and he keeps stepping back into my yard. the military guys are still there. finally, after I've removed this old guy from my yard for the third time, he spits in my face. so I call the cops and tell them what happened and I want some cops there to arrest him because spitting in my face is assault. the cops agree and say they'll send some cops. I hang up but then call right back and tell the cops that if the guy had been more my age I'd have beat the crap out of him. the old guy is acting all smug because he thinks I faked calling the cops. when the cops finally get there this old guy is filled with righteous indignation because he really did think he had the right to come wandering into my yard with these military guys there because he's the one who turned me in. the cops take the old guy down to the police station and I get a call on my cell phone (which in real life I don't own one) and they want to know if I want to press charges. I say "well, can I just come down and file a complaint but not actually press charges?" and they go "yeah, you can do that." so I tell 'em I'll be right down there. so I go to the police station and ask the cops if I can talk to the old guy first. they say "sure". so I'm talking to this old guy, trying to find out if he understands that he cant just come wandering into my yard and that it wasn't okay to spit on me. but he's still all full of himself feeling put apon that ME "the guy he suspected as a terrorist" had the right to tell him to get the fuck out of my yard. I keep asking him over and over why he felt like he had the right to come wandering into my yard and we keep going around in circles over it. I ask the cops how long they can hold him before i make up my mind about pressing charges that I want to go home and I want them to hold him overnight, maybe it'll freak him out enought that he'll realize the gravity of the situation.

around this time I woke up. but this dream went on for freakin' ages before i even GOT to this part. WTF?

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