April 30, 2008

Puny Human double shot

The first one, It's Not The Heat It's The Humanity, is their second album. Released in 2003 on one of the greatest record labels of all time, Small Stone Records, this is full of killer riffs and has a really dense sound. Sure doesn't sound like just four guys. I'm digging "The Toos," and "Devil's Riff" has an awesome groove. It's pure hard rock but it also has some of that punk sensibility that makes this kind of music worthwhile and keeps them from being a generic hard rock band.

You can get it here:

Puny Human - Not The Heat

The next offering here is their third and most recent release Universal Freakout, again on Small Stone Records. The opening track, "Waking Up In Williamsburg" is full of guitar work that's hard to top. "The Bus Will Eventually Crash," "You Can't Clap With Your Drink In Your Hand," and "Number of the Beauty" are some of my favorites.

You can get this one here:

Puny Human - Freakout

I suck ass at this review shit. If you want better, go to freakin' Pitchfork.

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