November 01, 2007

felt like writing about something, so here's this..

i bent the crap out of my tricycle. i was maybe like 5. we lived at the top of a really steep hill. this was back in Missouri. me and my dad drove back there maybe 20 years ago and checked out that place. I was surprised at how small it looked, but that steep street was still pretty damn steep. and it was a curving steep street, curving down from our house and to the left. had a lot of fun on that street. we grew watermelons on the back yard. my sister once dared me to put my butt in a pool of tar in the street and I did. i cried my ass off. my mom wasn't consoling at all. wanted to know why I did it. told her my sister dared me to. she didn't give a crap about that.

so I remember getting this new tricycle and deciding I was gonna ride this thing down the hill, with my feet off the pedals. let 'er rip. for real. so I'm riding this thing down the hill and all I can remember is I wiped out. big time. I might have even been knocked out. so I get up and go over to my brand new tricycle and see it's all bent to fuck. i remember something about a chain link fence at the bottom of the hill, and I may have ploughed into that. I also think I remember realizing that I'd lost control, and I was like in tears and scared that I was gonna smash into cars. hit the pavement.

so i see my new trike is all bent up and I start crying. and I remember something like I couldn't even roll it up the hill, cuz the front was bent up. and this seemed like it was a pretty tough trike. it was one of those heavy metal \m/ trikes. so I drag it back to the top of the hill back to our house to face my dad. and he was sort of freaked out. wanted to know if I was ok. I was okay but my new trike was all bent to shit. AAAAHHH!

so after he's sure I'm really okay he decides we need to take it back to the store. we go back to the store and my dad tries to return it. "I mean, look at this." like I said, it was bent up really good. and the guy working there looked amazed too. I don't remember the outcome of that, but I'm pretty sure I remember not leaving with a new trike. and I can't recall if my dad got his money back. something in here tells me he did. like the guy put cash and change and some papers in his hand. I mean, I really wrecked that sucker. and it was this heavy metal \m/ ass thing.

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