November 03, 2007

more miscellaneous childhood memories

I had an aunt Snookie when I was an infant till I was maybe 12 or 13 when they got divorced. she used to walk me around, before I could really walk with any confidence, by holding me up by the strap on my overalls. i guess I was an overalls sorta kid. but she'd walk me around, bent over with her finger holding me up by my strap. she gets tired of doing that one evening and she took my own finger, hooked it under the strap, and I started walking around, holding myself up.

once, another time when I was a wee kiddo, I was walking around my other aunt Tina's house in florida. I see the blender up on the counter and I've seen how it works. I decide I wanna turn it on. it's high enough that my head isn't over the counter. I have to reach up over with just my hand peeking over. so I reach up and turn it on. I know that the far left button is supposed to turn it off. well, I couldn't get it to shut off. none of the buttons were doing anything. I remember panicking, trying to find someone until I finally find Tina. I manage to explain "i turned on the blender, it wont shut off." she laughs goes and turns it off. no harm done. i related this story to my aunt a few years back, and she remembered it.

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