September 13, 2008

Sting gone bad: Deputies lose 75 lbs. of pot


The pinal County Sherrif's Office says a suspect made off with a police vehicle and 75 pounds of marijuana they had used for bait in a drug sting.

Deputies from the county's drug task force set up the deal to close out a months-long investigation in Casa Grande. Court records show undercover deputies agreed to trade a Hummer vehicle for the marijuana they possessed from a prior drug seizure.

But the deal went sour on Wednesday at a mall parking lot off Interstate 10 when five men showed up in the Hummer and a pickup. One got into a sedan with the pot and drove away before a SWAT team could close in. The other four were arrested.

Pinal County chief deputy Jeff Kirkham says such failed stings are rare and played down the effect of losing the marijuana.

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