August 25, 2008

another true story..

back in my twenties, I drove between dallas and s.f. maybe 4 or 5 times in the course of about 6 months. I had gotten the route down really well. and at the time I was driving a '78 camaro /insert picture here/. it was white with red interior. it didn't have a very big motor tho. it was almost a creampuff. the engine was like a 287, or 270something. something weird. with a catalytic convert that required unleaded gas. but I had a bitchen stereo tho. pioneer super tuner 3, with a cassette deck that had a SEARCH function. with a 40 watt eq. jensen triaxle speakers in the back with 9" speakers in the front. it would hurt your ears.

going through the desert I liked to drive really fast. like 95 or 100, for long stretches at a time.

so this one time I decided I was going to change my clothes. I remember I was wearing like jeans or something, and a button up shirt. and I wanted to change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. so I decided I was going to change my clothes while I was driving. I was all revved up about driving so fast. so i managed to get my my shoes off pretty easy. and I get my pants off and shorts on without much problem. and I then i got my shirt off okay. but then trying to get my t-shirt on, I get each arm in the sleeves, and I go to slip my head through the hole, when I get it tangled up on my head. and I'm going like 95 on the highway with no other cars around out in the middle of nowhere in the desert

I went into pure panic mode for about 3 seconds, but I kept it together, got myself untangled (I think it was mostly luck) and got the shirt on, before I had time to even think about how I was going to slow down or stop without flying off the road. then I hyperventilated for about 30 seconds and kept on driving.

I have another story about driving in that camaro that I'm going to have to try to remember to write about.

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