September 16, 2008

before I moved to Montana, I was getting pretty angry. living in the 'hood sucked..

I don't think I've told this one before. before I start I'll just say that I'm not like this anymore. not at all.

I drive down to the local strip mall in Emeryville to CompUSA. I forget what for. I drive all around the parking lot and I cant find a parking place anywhere. I get to this one spot in the parking lot and I see a brand new (or almost new) Trans Am parked right down the middle line of two parking places. so i finally find a place to park in the street, walk over to the TA and dump my strawberry milkshake on the windshield. and down the hood. I go into the store and take care of my business. there's a taco bell there so I go in, get something to eat. I come out and am walking back to my vehicle and I see this guy walking up to this Trans Am. He yells "WHAT THE FUCK!?" I'm walking by, he sees me and I get this look on my face (academy award performance) like "oh man, that sucks." he goes back to ranting about his car, I go back to my truck and go on with my business.


Anonymous said...

That is FREAKIN awesome. I don't see any problem with what you did. I really hate when people do that. I ride a motorcycle here in SF and its similar to people in cars who park in the motorcycle parking. Just kills me. I just wish I had a drink with me when I got off my moto so I could pour it on those vehicles.

reverend atman said...

well, it felt good at the time. but in retrospect, I don't think it was the swiftest move. if him or anyone else had seen me in that neighborhood, I might have gotten stomped.

plus, I believe in stuff like karma, and I probably wound up paying for that one.