September 17, 2008

from the USA Today

Olympia Washington - a jury awarded $10,000 to Ramtha School founder JZ Knight in a lawsuit against another spiritual teacher. The jury agreed that Whitewind Weaver copied teaching practices from the seminars in which Knight says she channels the spirit of an ancient warrior. Weaver attended 12 classes or retreates at teh Ramtha school in Yelm before conducting her own workshop in nearby Rainier.

um. yeah. like, wow. kookie.

I gotta figure out a way to start some sort of spiritual racket. an aunt told me several years ago I should start a cult. that I'd be good at it.

gonna have to think about this stuff a bit more seriously.


michaelDUSTdevil said...

happy birthday sir... XXX

reverend atman said...

hey, thanx man!

michaelDUSTdevil said...

hope it was a good one... & that you were NOT sober!

reverend atman said...

I was pretty buzzed but I kept it to a minimum. had to work the next day.

plus, I really can't hang like I used to.