July 23, 2008

had to call in "sick" to work today...

the boss knows I'm not sick, tho. I've had this bizarre ongoing leaky shower issue going on for like 2 years now.

I'll try to sum it up in a nutshell here..

about 2 years ago my shower started leaking. one of those deals were the gasket in the faucet knob needed to be replaced. the shut off valve for my bathroom is not in my apartment, it's in the neighbor's apartment. I can't stand those scumbags and don't want to even talk to them.

The bathroom is pretty close to my bed, and the drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip all night drives me fucking insane.

So I told the landlord about it, nothing happened. ages later I told him about it again, nothing happened. We're talking, starting time frame of 2 years ago.

New landlord. Told the new landlord about it, nothing happened. Told him again, nothing happened.

So a few days ago I decided to put a shut-off valve right there at the showerhead. Still leaked. So the landlord came finally came over and we got the showerhead hardware replaced.

NOW, the water is leaking BEHIND the wall, and the carpet in my bedroom is a freakin' swamp. woke up this morning and snapped. called in sick. started ripping apart my shower stall (no tub, a stall), the landlord has rented me a carpet cleaner which I'm gonna use to clean up the carpet. then I'm gonna rip apart the shower stall completely so I can try to fix this thing.

blah blah.

I can't really fault the landlord too much. There's another apartment complex in town here that people refer to as 'the ghetto', but this place is still pretty ghetto. The landlord doesn't get paid, he just get's free rent. and actually, he doesn't even get free rent, he pays like, I dunno $25 a month or some kind of shit. So any landlord we've ever had here has to work a J O B.

so I'm sitting here watching The Colbert Report and The Daily Show on the Comedy Central web site, waiting a short while for it to be a reasonable morning hour to fire up the carpet cleaner. then I'm gonna go batshit on the shower stall. try to fix the leak.

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