January 17, 2008

don't ever get the flu..

.. cuz it sucks.

I never ever go to the doctor. Went today. Got me on some antibiotics. Starting to feel better already.

The flu can suck my left nut.


leftoverking said...

bummer man.

smithco said...

The flu is a virus, and antibiotics work against bacterial infections. Your doctor either gave you a placebo or is incompetent (you can figure out which).

The only legitmate medical treatment for a flu is lots of rest, water, warm soup & ice cream.

reverend atman said...

haha. crap. that figures. oh well. live and learn. I am feeling a lot better. I probably would have gotten just as well, just as fast if I'd stuck with dayquil and cough drops.

leftoverking said...

ice cream for flu?