January 17, 2008

does anyone still give a crap about this band?

I mean, if Jason Bonham were to wheel the remaining members of Led Zeppelin out in wheelchairs and ask people to pay $250 a seat to see them, $300 for nosebleed seats, I'd go see Zep if they were playing 250 miles within where I lived.

As bad-ass a band as Van Halen was, do they still carry the same water as they used to? I mean, with all their stupid missteps.. firing Dave. Later, firing Sammy. (Sammy went on tour with Dave, and even though Sam said he couldn't stand Dave, he said he'd still go on tour with him again.) Hiring that Gary Cherone dood, who sang for a nowhere band before VH picked him up. All the stupid sniping that the Eddy/Alex mafioso brothers have shot out there. Reuniting withOUT Michael Anthony. No new album out in a fucking decade. Their last album was a freakin' bomb. Of nuclear proportions.

Van Halen was a seminole band for me. My pop was a big Segovia/classical guitar fan. But I could put on "Spanish Fly", "Little Guitars" or even "Eruption" (all vinyl), and even he could dig what he was hearing. He knew that not everything I listened to was shit.

Now I'm supposed to be jazzed that they're touring again?

What, again, is the selling point here?

Love the old school Van Halen. But without all FOUR of the original members there.. they could phone that shit in for all I'd care.

Anyhoo. Here's a track from their Gene Simmons produced demo tape.


leftoverking said...

i remember the week this record came out. my across the street neighbor's dad bought it. we all gathered around the cranked up the stereo. it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and caused their doberman pincher to erupt into a barking fit.

reverend atman said...

yeah, that's pretty much the reaction I had when I first heard the first VH album. gave me the willies. gave me a musical direction.