October 03, 2007

My old buddy Dan

Back in Berkeley, maybe in the mid-90's I knew this guy named Dan. He was a pretty interesting guy. He was a little bit out there, as all my friends were. He also had some pretty strange problems, as all of my friends did. I won't go into them here, but they were strange.

Much of this time is a little vague to me. I was pretty much a smoked-out mess. I do remember we used to hang out at a bar in Berkeley called The Bison Brewery. They had really good beer there. And they had an upstairs area, which was filled with a pooltable, a smaller bar area and small bar.

It also had a pretty cool small balcony. You could go out there and smoke. We used to go out there and smoke weed. I've smoked weed in a lot of bars in Berkeley. But on the balcony we'd people watch from up high (pun intended). Drink beer. If I got drunk enough I'd actually try to play pool. I wasn't a horrible pool player when I was drunk but I was terrible when I was sober.

I think we might have hung out and tripped on acid once or twice. We didn't hang out with each other a whole long time. And I'm not real sure whatever happened to him. Last time I asked a former co-friend about Dan, he told me he'd killed himself. I thought at the time, and I still think it's possible, that this person was trying to lay a bullshit fucked-up trip on me. But it's also imaginable that it's true. Dan had some really weird problems. He showed this other friend of mine a mole on his leg that he though meant he was the son of Satan. He for real thought he was the anti-christ.

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