October 02, 2007

having a crabby day at work today...

we got rain and a little snow last night, got below freezing, the door to my truck was frozen shut. guests at the hotel are being pissy about the cold.

our internet comes off satellite. it aint working for the guests, tho it obviously works for me at the front desk. we have like "mission critical" gear attaching our business server to the net, but for the guests, there's like 5 freakin' electronic boxes. I contacted tech support, they had me on hold for 20 minutes, while I'm trying to check out guests and let them pay for their 5 for a dollar postcards. finally, I had to go down to the business room and try a bunch of crap that the tech guy asked me to try. still didn't work. then he asked me to go down to the satellite modem/hub-router-bridge 5 gadget room and reset everything. the fact that I already did that twice apparently doesnt matter to the tech guy. it probably required more finesse to turn something off than I'm capable of achieving. I probably didn't hold my thumb just "so" when i pulled the power cords.

don't have time for this crap. guests can just live without internet for a few hours.

and, this is my 10 hour work day.

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