September 13, 2007

nerve gas attack

was laying in bed just now when the memory of this came back to me. had to hop back on the computer and write it up.

Back in the bay area I used to set up trade show exhibits for a living. If you've ever been to one of those huge pharmecutical shows, or a big computer show (like Mac World), or ever seen one of those big car shows, I used to set up those exhibits. You know, the turntables the cars would ride around on with the stages and big columns and lights and all that.

A lot of these booths are pretty big. Some of 'em can be 50 x 100 feet. 100 x 100. Those big booths are almost always seperated from the next booth by the aisle.

On this one show I had a really bad case of gas. And when I say bad, I mean really evil. Smelled like death. I had been stepping out of the booth every so often to let a little out, but it was becoming obvious that I needed to hit the bathroom.

The booth I was working on was towards the back of the convention center. There was only one booth between me and the bathroom. So I nudge a buddy of mine and go "watch this". So I walk across the aisle and through the next booth and into the bathroom, and as I'm walking through the other booth I let out a huge nerve gas attack.

I go into the bathroom, do my thing, wash-up. When I come back out not a single person was left in that other booth. They were all standing way outside of it. I had totally cleared 'em out.

cuz i'm evil like that.