September 20, 2007

les's dvd's got stolen

In town here, there's a place called "Bicycles and Video". It's a combination bike shop/bike rental shop/video rental/remote control airplane building and flying/model building/kite shop. It's run by this really cool old guy named Les. He gets a little crabby sometimes but he's really cool guy. He lets me slide once in a while on late fees. We talk kites. I wanna get a buddha kite and go fly it in the huge field at the end of town (referred to as The Old Airport, cuz that's where the airport used to be.)

I have some of those tiny little Zip Zap remote control cars you get at Radio Shack. Cant really use them in this apartment, tho, cuz it has carpet. But their fun as hell. Les sells little gadgety remote control cars similar to that.

Well, the other day someone stole all of Les's dvd's. He only put the covers out on the racks in the shop. The dvd's were in three or four of those black binder thingies, with the plastic pages where you insert the dvd's. Someone stole 'em. And that makes me really sad.

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