December 16, 2013

going through this whole google+ thing in my profile..

I had almost forgotten I had this. This doesn't quite remind me of the old bbs days. I remember wanting to make this a hiking blog. It's easy to fall back into sedentary ways. I keep "reminding" myself to check out when they do the volunteer trail improvement thing ahead of time instead of groaning about missing it at the last minute because I forgot to write it on my calendar ahead of time. Anyhoo. I browsed back to this post here: and it still trips me out to this day. It was a pretty crazy adventure. And it was a pretty shitty thing to do to that hardware store owner. I don't know if they're even still in business. I'm going to take a look at a google map and see if I can figure out which store it was and tell them what I did and pay them back for it.

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