December 19, 2009

My Review of Leatherman Juice S2

Originally submitted at REI

This cutting-edge multi-tool features a bevy of useful tools and distinctive burnt-orange anodized handles, contoured for comfort.

Mostly what I need, not lots of junk

By Jerry from Montana from West Yellowstone, MT on 12/19/2009


4out of 5

Gift: No

Pros: Sharp Blade, Comfortable Grip, Functional

Cons: Bends

Best Uses: Camping

Describe Yourself: Avid Adventurer

I wanted a multitool specifically for hiking and camping out of a backpack. I spent quite a while shopping for one that had the few things I need without a whole bunch of things that I don't need. My requirements are very minimalist. I need:

1. A pair of pliers. Early last summer my buddy had a zipper blowout on his backpack. It required both his and my pliers to get the teeth lined back up so he could close the zipper. A pair of pliers is a must. One minor issue with these. When I'm squeezing down on the pliers, there's the tiniest bit of flex in the tool that I'm a little concerned about. I worry that one day when I'm really bearing down on something with the pliers, it's gonna break.

2. A pair of scissors. For opening freeze-dried meals, mostly. But also if I need to cut bandages. For certain tasks a knife doesn't work as well as a pair of scissors. I like the scissors on this. I like the feel on the thumb. The blades are a nice size.

3. A good sharp knife that's not too big and not too small. For a large knife I'll carry a separate large knife. This one is a little larger than a paring knife. It locks open so I know it's not going to fold when I'm using it.

Aside from those three things, I don't really need much else. Here's some thoughts on the other gadgets:

A can opener is okay to have, but not really necessary. When I hike into the back country of Yellowstone I'm not lugging cans of food, I'm carrying lighter dehydrated or freeze dried food. I suppose I could picture going on a day hike and stuffing a can of chili into my pack, in which case a can opener would be useful.

I'm trying to think if any of the camping or hiking gear I have has screws of any kind. The screwdrivers are pretty small and take up little space, so it's not bothersome to have them there.

This tool does NOT have: a file (I don't need it), tweezers (I have a good pair in my emergency kit, don't need an extra), a toothpick (I can whittle one with the knife), extra knives (I just need the one).

This isn't quite the perfect hiking/camping/backpacking multitool, but it's the closest I've been able to find. The real trick was finding a multi tool that had both pliers AND scissors, without having 20 other things on it. Take a look for yourself. Look at all the multitools that have both pliers and scissors and see how many extra gadgets they have.

This is a cool little tool


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