August 13, 2009

How to camp overnight in yellowstone park

"It was a blast! Had a bison ramble right past our camp site!"

How I did it: Found a buddy who digs camping too.  We egged each other into it.  Had to watch a vid at the back country office about back country safety.  Had to reserve the camp site ahead of time.  We picked one maybe a bit far in for a first over-nighter.  But it was worth it.

Lessons & tips: Get the right gear and just go for it!

Resources: REI.COM for all the cool camping gear you'll need.  Plus there's lots of tips and pointers from experts there.

It took me 4 years.

It made me woot



kool man
that RAWKS

rhondapalooza said...

That's soooooo totally awesome! Yellowstone is one of those places I've vowed to visit before I die. Hopefully I get there!