June 02, 2009

the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Mo' Width (repost @320)

allmusic sez:

Recorded in 1992, Mo' Width is somewhat of a precursor to 1993's Extra Width. The album introduces some of the experimental '70s-style recording techniques that come to fruition on Extra Width, and the songs sound as if they were written contemporaneously. Spencer and company, however, have yet to develop the innovative and gritty blues-rock fusion that defines their later work, and so the record may fail to impress most casual listeners. Collectors, though, will find Mo' Width, with its alternate version of "Afro" and guest appearance by Kurt Hoffman of They Might Be Giants, a solid and likeable album which won't just gather dust on their shelves. The off-the-cuff playing style, lo-fi recording, and intermittent bottle smashing contribute to an overall live performance feel, and the Blues Explosion always sounded better live anyway.

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Mo' Width

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reverend atman said...

ha. the thought of a hi bit rip of a lo fi album just struck me as ironic.