November 05, 2008

This election happened to coincide..

.. with our hotel closing for the winter season. I'm still getting my hours though.

Yesterday I got out of bed around 5:30ish. Dressed in my regular street clothes. Read a few of my RSS feeds and scanned Google News while I smoked a cigarette. Left the house and headed down to the local coffee shop. Which was closed. Which is unusual. I hope Chris the owner is okay. He's a great guy. And I've been having to settling for sh!tty convenience store coffee. His place was closed up again this morning.

I got to the hotel a couple minutes before 7am. The owner was there and he let me in. We lock all the doors and turn out the lights at the hotel when we close. The owners don't like for this place to ever be empty, so they always have someone staying here when we're closed to keep an eye on the place. I'm gonna be staying here tonight for about a week.

I got really sick of this election maybe 2 weeks ago. And I started getting tired of guests here at the hotel maybe a month ago. So yesterday, for the election to finally be over and for me to be able to come in to work in my street clothes and not have guests to deal with. AND for me to get a chance to stay at the hotel for a week. I have a nice little bit of synchronicity going on right now. If I were superstitious I'd go buy a lottery ticket.

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leftoverking said...

WOOT. better buy that ticket.