October 16, 2008

[work] more stupid whining about inane crap

i freakin' hate it when i'm talking people through the registration and X'ing each spot for an initial or signature, people try to take the pen out of my hand before I'm finished. guy just now, I almost got in a tug of war with him. that sh!t pisses me off. he LOST the game and resorted to pulling a pen out of his own pocket.

i get this fairly often with impatient people. a while back I went through this with a guy, I thought to myself "screw it" and let him have the pen. I've made a point of not handing over the room keys till they finish the registration. so this guy a while back, he scribbles his signature on the bottom and he puts his hand out wanting his keys. I go "I also need an initial here and here." he gets this annoyed look and then initials in one of the spots I had just indicated, but not the other, and then slams the pen down. I give him my best Forrest Gump and go "need here too." at this point he's pissed and gives me this look like i'm fucking with him. I return a blank stare.

don't fuck with front desk clerks. really. i mean, if you want to come back to the desk a whole bunch of times to have your keys rekeyed because they're not working anymore, then act like a dick. when I get bored in the evening it's people like that who stand out in my head.

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