September 24, 2008

yet more on iTunes Genius..

Okay, I've written a couple of love posts about this already.

Stoner Rock is a pretty obscure genre of music. To go more into that would be a whole afternoon of music journalism exercising. And I'm totally not in shape for that shit.

But just as hard rock has more than just one sound, and bluegrass has more than just one sound, and 'indy' (hate that freakin' term) has more than just one sound. Stoner Rock is not just one sound. There's heavy, mellow, thashing, etc.

I picked a less heavy song (band: Nebula, album: Charged, song: This One) and iTunes Genius was able to match songs for this.

Holy Crap.

Or more appropriately, What The Fuck. Where is it getting this shit?

Get out of my head iTunes Genius! Aaaah!

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