June 05, 2008

my pop loved Marty Robbins

give this here a listen..El Paso (full-length version) - Marty Robbins

this song is totally the shit.


Anonymous said...

I've put this on a CD w/ some other Western tunes for my daughters (14, 13, & 11): Johhny Cash's "Ghost Riders in the Sky," Frankie Laine's "Rawhide," and all that. My folks had a Marty Robbins' "Greatest Hits" LP I listened to all the time in the '50s & '60s. Had "Big Iron" & "The Hanging Tree" on it, too. Yeah, it's great stuff. Glad to see somebody else out there knows it. - smitty123

reverend atman said...

all of those songs are classics. I was raised on those.