June 03, 2008

catching up

a few days ago at the hotel one of the housekeepers called the front desk because they needed to speak to the manager in one of the rooms. our manager was out on a run to the bank and the post office. when he came back I sent him down to the room in question. turns out that one of the beds in one of the rooms was filled with, um.... pee, poop, blood and vomit. and I'm not just talking about a tiny bit of each, I'm talking horror show proportions. I didn't have the nerve to go down to the room to look for myself, but I did get a look at the pictures that the manager took. it was freaky. all sorts of crazy speculation as to what happened. there was a family of 2 adults and 6 kids, split up into 2 two queen bed rooms. was one of the kids being abused? one of the owner's friends who came to take a look (she worked for the city) speculated maybe someone had given birth there? if so, where was the baby? I mean, ECK! turns out, one of the teenage girls slept in one of the rooms by herself, and all 7 of the others slept in the other room. just weird.

so the manager locked the party out of their rooms and wrote up a letter that they had to leave. and charged their credit card for the damaged bedding.

later that evening when those guests came back (and I had gone home for the day) the mother in the group acted surprised that there was any concern. I mean, they had just left the mess and gone out for the day, without bothering to tell anyone. and she was puzzled as to why she should have told anyone. her explanation was that the baby had a leaky diaper and one of the girls in the party had an early period.

sorry, but the amount of poop in the bed... that baby had to have been wearing NO diaper. and as for the vomit, she said her kid was sick. if the kid was sick then why did everyone just go into the park as if nothing was wrong? none of it added up.

on different note, folks in town here are starting to say the same thing. "we're not getting summer this year." I'm trying my damndest to avoid falling into a depression. I'm gonna go into the park today. not sure if I'm going to dare a hike. the hiking trails are still snowy and muddy. and there's bears running around all over the place.

digging my new computer. I gave away my tv set. in a few weeks i'm going to buy a USB tv tuner.

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