May 05, 2008

Fatso Jetson - Flames For All

Okay, anything from this band is sorta hard to find. But if you can hunt 'em down anywhere, I totally recommend buying any album from them.

They're weird as PHUCK. They'll make ya dookie in your longjohns, that's for sure. Quirky sounds. Quirky lyrics.

These guys are old school desert rock. Some might say they're the godfathers of the whole desert rock genre. I love 'em to death. Probably have more coming up sometime soon.

Fatboy Jetson - Flames For All


leftoverking said...


reverend atman said...

yeah, you betcha.

you know, I can see craploads of peeps hittin' up these posts, by the count at mediafire. but no one says shit.

hahaha. it's all good tho.