April 07, 2008

last night I had my tea kettle going on low, to get some moisture into the air..

and forgot to turn it off before I went to bed. woke up this morning to discover it melted to the burner. black "dust" all over the place. presumably from the black plastic handle. my whole apartment smells like burnt metal and plastic.

and I wasn't even drinking last night. just spaced it out. on it. now I have to do a top to bottom cleaning.

i was gonna shut my computer off and get to work on cleaning the crap out of everything, but all my music is on there.


Mike Zippo said...

Be glad you didn't get burned up there

reverend atman said...

oh man, no kidding. when I woke up in the morning and saw the mess, I felt totally grateful that all my shit didn't get burned up.

I have a fire alarm now. hahaha.