March 03, 2008

wow, it really is a small world

I was just in the local convenience store buying some smokes, and Guy, the guy who works there, just told me.. okay, believe this or not. I'm inclined to. he told me that the big green snowblower that the town owns used to be owned by Osama Bin Laden.

okay, here's the story I got. Osama Bin Laden bought this for some Afghan tribe so they could keep the Khyber Pass open. He delivers it up there himself and they hold him and this snowblower hostage until spring. at spring-time they let him go and keep the snowblower. after that it got sold to France. after that it got sold to some place in Buffalo NY. from there it got sold to the city of West Yellowstone.

there's a guy named Dan I'm supposed to try to chat up about it. the printing on all the controls inside are in some foreign language. Afghani or Saudi or something.

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