March 16, 2008

sometime in the next 2 or 3 days I'm shaving my head

okay, here's the story. a couple weeks ago I was hanging out over at my buddy Terry's house, and this guy Junior shows up. he had like a long fu manchu sort of mustache and beard. well, part of his mustache was burned off as well as the hair on the side of his head. he tried to light a pilot light and it sort of exploded and burned off a bunch of his hair.

so he says he's gonna get a haircut, get it evened up, and goes away for about an hour. when he comes back he's clean shaven and the hair on his head was clipped down to stubble. this is where *I* go "duuuude! that shit is short. damn. you might as well just shave your head." he goes "I'll do it if you do." I go "well, when work slows down at the hotel, I'll shave my head, if you do."

so he goes away again, comes back a little while later with a shaved head. sooo... a promise is a promise, even if I was drunk off my ass. so in a few days I'm shaving my head.

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