February 25, 2008

okay, so I've been in this downsizing mode since like forever...

and it's been a mind-boggling tedious depressing thing. if I lived in a bigger city it'd be so much easier. I've gotten really good at not aquiring a lot of new stuff. but my existing crap, well, it's hard to let go of. or figure out how to get rid of. example. I aquired a small set of decent speakers from a buddy of mine, with the intention of hookng 'em up to my piece of crap stereo to create a faux surroundsound thing (my stereo has extra connections for this very thing). but I'm never gonna get that done. so now I need to get rid of 'em. and the only place to do so is at Social Services, where they have a thrift store. and my buddy and his wife browse there all the time. and I guess i'm worried about hurting his feelings, discarding something that he gave me.

extra boxes for crap that are now out of warranty and I no longer need the boxes. piles of cd's to get rid of on lala. stacks of dvd's that i'm not jazzed about anymore. I can't describe all the crap that I've been trying to get rid of. lighten my load.

i wont say I'm like Monk, but clutter and crap make it really hard for me to function. I'm disctracted all the time. each time I get rid of something I feel lighter.

I want to whittle things down to the most essential shit. the stuff I really need and use.

I just got rid of a couple extra pots and pans. woot! my poor acoustic bass, I just pulled it out of my bedroom and busted out with the Dr. Duck's Axwax and String Lube. cleaned it up really nice. now it's gonna go back in it's gig bag (where it wasn't residing before, hence it was so grubby) and i'll probably forget about it till spring. and I need to adjust the neck on it anyway.

stuff I've been meaning to send off to folks for ages. when I had that fucked up bathroom drain backup thing happen a few weeks ago, my landlord left a couple of carpet drying fans here. they're sitting in my living room. they've been sitting here with the cords all wrapped up for maybe a week now.


once in a blue moon I turn off my computer for a few days, unplug my tv (with the cord dangling over the screen) and actually get some shit done.

I haven't finished ALL my laundry in ages. I always get it done a little bit at a time. and this is laundrymat mode. and i have too many freakin' clothes as it is.


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leftoverking said...

tell the land lo to come pick that shit up!!!