February 10, 2008

long messed up story

last tuesday at 10:30pm I go to hop in the shower (no tub and shower, just a shower stall) and the toilet had backed up into the shower. so I'm standing there butt naked looking at this mess. I grab the plunger and start plunging. butt naked wailing away on the plunger. it gets WORSE. then the toilet starts to fill up. so I plunge the toilet. the shower stall starts to fill up. so I put freaking garbage bags on my feet so I can take a shower.

the next day I wake up and the shower had started to overflow into the bathroom. looooong story.

it took several days for this to get squared away. landlord in and out. now my cat is not a people person. partially my fault because I don't have lots of folks over. but she was also traumatazed before I got her. well this morning she's yowling her ass off. I look in her catbox and she hasn't pooped for at least a couple days. I think all this disruption had her so freaked out she couldn't poop. and now it's really starting to freak me out. she's having a hard time standing. she tried to jump up on the counter, which she has no problem doing usually, and fell. she's my buddy and i'm getting all freakin' choked up.

nearest vet is an hour from here.

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I'm supposed to work at 1pm, but I have to be in Ennis at 12:30pm, so I found someone to cover for me. it's a looong scary drive.


B42 said...

Do be careful if you decide you have to go...
Know what you mean about getting freaked out about the cat, I'm constantly worried if I don't see mine for a day or two, and he's got a cold, sneezing and all, feel bad for him.
Take it slow Jer, real slow...

reverend atman said...

dang. someone just called to let me know that the vet that comes down here to West Yellowstone is gonna be in town tomorrow. now I'm trying to decide if I think it can wait or not until tomorrow.

that drive to ennis is pretty scary in this weather. if it's an emergency I'll do it, but now I'm half inclined to wait till tomorrow.

leftoverking said...

oh man jerry, that sucks on both counts. i feel for ya man. poor cat.

reverend atman said...

i'm gonna wait until tomorrow, and cross my fingers.

thanx doods.