February 05, 2008

it surprises me when people can't tell when someone's funky-ass sock is stinking up the place

this was last summer. I show up to work at 3pm and there's some REALLY foul stink at the front desk. the night person had mentioned it to the morning person, and the morning person had mentioned it to me. and when I say foul, I mean, really foul. it was god-awful. both of them had looked for the source with no luck.

so I start looking all over the place for this smell. we have a freezer behind the front desk for breakfast stuff. I check to make sure it's on. I look beside it. I look in the garbage. i'm looking all over the freakin' place for this smell.

well, part of the night person's job is to clean the pool area. and any clothing left behind is brought up to the desk as people usually come right back for stuff left in the pool. there was a freakin' SOCK that was giving off such a powerful smell that you call almost SEE it. I grabbed a tissue and picked up this sock and started to give it a sniff, but I didn't need to. made my freakin' eyes water. I go into the cabinet, get out one of those plastic laundry bags and put the sock in it. tie it off really tight.

sha-doobie. smell gone.


leftoverking said...

i have been looking for that sock!

reverend atman said...

sorry man, I tossed it.

feel free to toss the other one.