February 02, 2008

I'm digging this place an awful lot



rhondapalooza said...

what are you digging about it? i mean.. like in particular? i just made an acct to check it out.

reverend atman said...

well, it has the feel of the Multiply main page. only pics posted aren't posted on Multiply, they're posted on Flickr. the blog posts aren't multi, they're from people's blog.

I like the way it ties things together, the Multi does.

rhondapalooza said...

Trying it out and you're right. Definitely helps keep track in one place when friends are posting new material. It's nice just to visit one spot to look for updates instead of 4 or 5 different sites.

I think I still like Multiply better though, but Plaxo Pulse really helps keep non-Multi things sorted out (assuming we can get all our contacts to join/use it).

reverend atman said...

yeah, getting other peeps to use it is the main trick.