November 28, 2007

this article about Keven Dubrow really pisses me off..

Keven Drubrow, lead singer for Quiet Riot passed away on Sunday. I was reading through Google News this morning looking for any new news on what happened when I came across this article on the New York Times web site:

Some news sites allow readers to comment at the end. This one doesn't.

1. the author of this article writes that their first album "is considered by many to be the first heavy-metal record to climb high in the pop charts.". Metal Health was the first metal album to debut at *number 1* on the Billboard pop charts.

2. the author writes that Randy Rhoads was killed in a traffic accident. Randy Rhoads was killed in a freakin' airplane accident.

f!cking idiot.

1 comment:

reverend atman said...

looks like the article has been somewhat corrected, substituting "airplane" for "traffic".