October 13, 2007


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1. Me and some pals once rode bikes through the aftermath of a riot tripping on acid. In 1990 the University of Berkeley installed volleyball courts in People's Park, which many hippie Berkeleyites considered hallowed ground. That area was the epicenter of the Free Speech Movement in the late 60's. Back in the day Nixon had called out the national guard for some reason or other. Military choppers, the whole bit.

We'd been out in the Berkeley hills tripping, on mountain bikes. We took a trail that led back into town and down Telegraph Ave and it was pretty dark when we got back to town. Windows were smashed left and right. All the news racks were either smashed or torched. Busted stuff everywhere. Cop cars all over and tons of people milling around. We had no idea this had even happened. Freaky, to say the least. Looked a little like armageddon.

2. Once spent 5 days in the Bonneville county jail in Idaho Falls Idaho for possession of weed. 5 DAYS!?! For a half an eight of weed?? To those of you who don't know, a half an eight adds up to maybe just over an heaping tablespoon. Maybe two (if the person you bought it from was cool.) When I got busted I had a Marijuana Anonymous chip (3 months) hanging off my keychain. I guess I was expecting it to ward the cops off, like garlic to a vampire. Didn't work. In addition to the 5 days, it cost me a pile of money. About a grand in cash and I missed out working on one of the biggest trade shows in S.F. (Macworld). Missed out on enough overtime to add up to maybe 3 more grand. Fucking Idaho barbarion asshole motherfuckers. I was actually charged with possession of weed, and possesion of drug paraphenalia, because I had a packet of rolling papers in the bag with the weed. When I got to court, they offered to drop the weed charge and keep the paraphanalia charge. I said "nope, that's backwards." Possession of weed means just that. Possession of drug paraphenalia could mean ANYTHING. Needles, coke grinder, whatever. I didn't want that shit on my record. Dumb fucks.

3. I've never been married. Probably aint gonna happen either. At least, that's what I tell myself. Way too much fucked up baggage from childhood. Been in love several times, each time turned into a major train wreck. A healthy long term relationship just doesn't seem to be in my cards.

5. I was a band geek in high school. Played sax. Me, a guy named Nevile (another sax player) and a guy named Chuck (trumpet player) used to go over to Chuck's house at lunch time and smoke up. Chuck lived maybe 50 yards from school. The band director "figured" we were high all the time, without any actual proof. Sometime in the early 80's (can't rememer what year) we were the Texas state marching band champions. I got called into the directors office and told not to bring any drugs with me to Austin. Fucker. That was the same year our football team was also state champs. WOOT! We rocked. That year our kicker kicked a 69 yard field goal.

5. I have 1 tat. Taz, on my calf, meditating. If he can do it so can I. I plan to add a bunch more to it. A bunch of hungry ghosts and demons and crazy monkeys on elephants coming at him, trying to distract him from his meditations. A few years ago I won $250 worth of free ink at a metal show in Boise. It was a fundraser to save the last drive-in theater in the area. Gotta get back to Boise and redeem it.

6. Aside from a serendipitous jaunt over the border into Tiajuana I've never been out of the country. We brought weed INTO Mexico and had to dump it before we came back. People in Mexico drive like maniacs. Scared the crap out of me.

7. I've owned a bass guitar for maybe 15 years and have only been practicing the last three. What a lot of wasted time. I could be killer diller right now.

8. In high school I was 5'10" and weighed about 110 lbs. I was a skinny ass motherfucker and got picked on a lot. Once by a guy who was even skinnier than I was. But I was the "new guy" so that made it okay for him.

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