September 21, 2007

things I still kick myself over

1. i used to own the domain name "". I was a fuckwad to ever let that go.

2. when I used to work a lot at Moscone Center in S.F., doing tradeshows, many years ago there was this new magazine that had a stand there. After the show they tossed out a bunch of their first issue. i really should have gone over and scooped 'em up. I could have had about 200 or so copies of Wired #1. Now I could probably sell 'em for $50-$100 a pop.

3. i was an extra in Oliver Stone's "The Doors" movie. The scene in the movie where the doors are on stage and it cuts to hippies dancing in the crowd, outside. I was there for that. I started out next to the stage. They wrapped that shot and were setting up for the audience shot. I wasn't in the stuff the had just shot so I started making my way over to a different spot. Oliver Stone walks past me and nods in the other direction. I was baked and didn't get the hint. He sort of shrugs as he kept walking. If I had taken the hint I'd be able to show the movie to people and point myself out to people. as it is I can go "I WAS standing there, but I was an idiot and walked to a different spot".